A word I just made up.

Another Vox Day thread turned into a discussion of rape. Here I attempt to explain why date rape does not exist

Rape is forced sexual intercourse on a woman, effected by means of violence or threat of violence. If this happens during a date, it is rape. If it happens during an evening jog, it is rape. If it happens en masse during her weekly Bunco game, it is rape. We don’t stick on modifiers for these other situations (although En Masse Bunco Rape has a certain je ne sais quoi). Why bother calling an event Date Rape?

The answer is that the matriarxists are trying to steal a march. The term “date rape” is primarily used in reference to events that do not fall under the “violence or threat of violence” definition of rape. Among other things, an accusation of date rape serves as a kind of morning-after pill. Slut’s remorse.

Vox does it better, and without the snarky.

It is a manufactured term that a young woman may use in order to claim having been raped by a man with whom she is acquainted, and usually, someone with whom she consented to be alone. In the overwhelming majority of “date rape” cases it is extraordinarily difficult to prove that date rape is actual rape by any conventional criminal standard since there is seldom any evidence for it.

More casually, date rape is when the woman has post-coital regrets for her actions

In a sane society, consent to be alone with a man would be considered consent to intercourse.

Howsoever all that may be, this post is about the word “matriarxist”. Good? Bad? Cheesy?


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2 responses to “Matriarxist

  1. Alkibiades

    In the sense that they want totalitarian rule by women and the enslavement of men? I’m fine using that word. If you mean it in a different way, why not add a precise definition?

  2. I was thinking of it as a straightforward portmanteau for Matriarchal Marxists.

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