Two! Two Haters!

This one’s funnier than the other one. And she says “fuck”.

How fucking dare you. OP and anyone who found delight in the misery – not only of someone who was so distraught and lost that they chose to take their own life – but of those who still struggle to understand, accept and move forward.

Rachel was my friend, and if you were standing in front of me right now, I would likely physically fucking hurt you. How would YOU feel if someone took the time to write something as pathetic and insensitive as this slop (which you likely consider talent) about someone you cared for?

You piece of shit; YOU are the cliche. And you’re lucky you have the Internet to hide behind.

I respond in the comments. Phillipa is almost certainly a drive-by, but wouldn’t it be great if she engaged?


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2 responses to “Two! Two Haters!

  1. Alkibiades

    No, no, no, I am the cliche. I made that comment first!!!! I’m so jealous.

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