anoukange, shamer

It has long puzzled me to see the occasional anoukange post linked to from blogs I respect. At a guess, many in the man-o-sphere view her as a sympathetic fellow-traveler, in the same company as LILGIRL, bhetti, sofia, et al. After the Roosh meltdown, I find this inexplicable. Perhaps this is because her best lunacies come out at the ends of comment threads, after interactions with others. Case in point:

Is everything motivated by attention for you all? hmmmm…not for me. I find analyzing certain things fascinating and would devote just as much time if the topic were of someone else. I’ve received enough attention in my life, thanks. Just chatting here. It really does reflect on your bitter hearts as to how you comment…I’m sorry you get laid so infrequently that many of you are in endlessly foul moods. ho, hum…as such is life. Notice I have not spent any of my time dissing anyone (unless under attack)…I just don’t carry hate in my heart they way some of you do. Sorry life is so lousy for some of you.

Note how the shaming tactic sloshes out as one more clot in the swill of her defensiveness. If the woman wasn’t so obviously sick in the head, this would be a worse offense, painting her as a saboteur, a sleeper. Even granting her derangedness, it shows that she deserves no place at the table.

I added her email to the blacklist for commenting on this blog, and I will not approve any comment that I suspect to be from her.

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13 responses to “anoukange, shamer

  1. Layne

    LilGrl and Anoukange are pretty much the same.

    Self absorbed, and vain. Self absorbed.

    Lilgrl especially, and ironically the uglier of the two.

  2. “LilGrl and Anoukange are pretty much the same. Self absorbed, and vain.”

    Most women are. I haven’t seen any instances of nastiness from the former. Have you?

  3. “I’m sorry you get laid so infrequently that many of you are in endlessly foul moods”

    Statements like this tell us far more about the utterer than they do about the target.

    I suspect that a great many of us in the MRA/FRA world are married and that our wives are getting it done.

    Thus she is either ignorant of her targets or is herself guilty of exploiting the male counterpart to the chaste female/promiscuous male double-standard…the double-standard that heaps shame upon men for not being able to “get any”.

  4. Will S.

    I suspect that this so utterly charmed the more PUA-oriented part of the manosphere (as distinguished from the more MGTOW- and MRA-oriented parts), that they have been utterly smitten with their most devoted single groupie, and since then, will not even notice how mindless her drivel is (e.g. her latest adolescent verbal diarrhea, taken as they are with her faux-Frenchy, artsy-fartsy ways.

  5. Will, I’d guess this also had something to do with it.

  6. Ulysses

    Eh, I dig the photography and don’t enjoy a pure echo chamber. I also don’t read long comment threads.

  7. Will S.

    Yeah, likely.

  8. Ulysses, I’m a philistine, and I deal with enough female nastiness in the real world.

  9. Alkibiades

    Eh, other that the whole Roosh affair, I haven’t ever spent the time to read her comments or her blog.

  10. It irks me that she’s not persona non grata in all the land. Why aren’t you all just like me?

  11. VMS

    More than anything AA needs to learn humility. For all her longing to “make a bright and cheerful home” for the alpha who meets her exacting standards of demeanor and income, she’s never met a man who wanted to settle down and start a family with her. Hmmm.

    But only alphas bring the tingle. Now her clock is ticking, yet her standards are as unattainable as ever. She can’t have it both ways. Same old story about no good men around who will dominate yet worship her and bang her silly at the same time. There’s that entitled attitude again.

    I like her aesthetic sense but her childish musings are a real letdown when compared with her photos and art. Too bad. I hope she wakes up one day.

  12. Will S.

    Her musings are simply that of an ordinary, typical modern Western young woman. Vain, and stupid. Too bad so many in the manosphere can’t see past her pretty, smiling, eye-batting, manosphere-groupie ways.

  13. Sakata

    Pretty? Eh. Dime a dozen. And old. Who needs that?

    Pretty alone shouldn’t be impressive to anyone above the age of 15, and Anouk isn’t even pretty.

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