Theory: Snake Plissken is Actually Dead

I just saw Escape from New York for the first time, and this is my theory. Everyone he runs into on Manhattan island has heard of him, and they all think he’s dead. This is because he is dead, and he’s in Purgatory.

I haven’t seen the 1996 sequel, but I hear it’s trash anyway.

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5 responses to “Theory: Snake Plissken is Actually Dead

  1. Hah, hilarious.

    Both are trash. The second is way better than the first.

  2. I only managed to get past the terrible first ten minutes by remembering how slow Big Trouble in Little China started. No such payoff, sadly.

  3. While watching Escape, I kept wishing that A) someone would make a film of Heinlein’s short story “Coventry”, and B) that “Coventry” had actually had a plot.

  4. Professor Hale

    Pretty funny. That would explain how a scavenger economy in a concrete jungle could continue to function without producing anything new, not even food, for so many years.

  5. Seikis

    What I remember about the second movie was the ending. I was really surprised and brutally curious about what entailed. It left me thinking about possibilities and the situation we’re living right now…

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