Resuscitating dead words

Our enemies, the progressives and looters, have destroyed many words. But not in a dramatically sinister, Orwellian way; no, these feckless twats are transparent and screechy. Men of the Right have long amused themselves by pointing out how silly the Lefties are in their use of words like “racist”, “bigot”, “fascist”, etc.

The situation with “rape” is similar, but worse, but comical. In Mala Fide published a piece today about the 20 different varieties of rape. In this list, the author distinguishes actual violent forced sexual penetration from the other flavors by calling it “rape-rape”. I suppose this construct arises from the same instinct that has teenage girls asking each other whether they like-like a boy, or just like him.

Whatever the source, this is a useful tool for resuscitating the original meanings of words. Rape-rape we have already seen. I propose these others:

gay-gay: lively or merry

“You know, the coal miners didn’t feel so gay-gay during the Gay-gay Nineties.”

“I love your new sundress! It’s so light and gay-gay.”

fascist-fascist: authoritarian nationalist with socializing tendencies

“Reactionaries may be fascist, but inside every progressive is a little fascist-fascist waiting to emerge like Athena from the head of Zeus.”

slut-slut: a woman who fornicates. As opposed to “slut”, which is a woman who fornicates with an order of magnitude more men than a slut-slut.

“Summer’s not a slut! She’s only had sex with ten men, and none of it was anal. Sure she’s a slut-slut, but who isn’t these days? Ugly Christian prudes, I suppose.”

racist-racist: someone who believes that other races are inferior and should be violently subjugated, if not wiped out. As opposed to “racist”, which is someone who has noticed that Negroes smell different than whites.

curvy-curvy, voluptous-voluptuous, junoesque-junoesque, etc.: describes a healthy, non-obese woman with a pleasing curvy shape and a large rack

pervert-pervert: a homosexual, peeping tom, or secret transvestite; as opposed to “pervert”, which now refers to furries, coprophiliacs, and other denizens of deviantART and livejournal.

pearl-necklace-pearl-necklace: a string of pearls intended to be worn around the neck for decorative purposes.


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7 responses to “Resuscitating dead words

  1. Ben

    Another word is “queer”. I was reading Little Lord Fauntleroy recently and saw “queer,” “gay,” and a couple other words as they were originally intended.

  2. I could make a fortune translating old books:

    “Dear, dear! How queer-queer everything is today. And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night?”

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  4. Dang, now I have to commit to either racism or racism-racism. At least I can say I’m only sleeping with slut-sluts, not sluts.

  5. MW

    Don’t forget rubenesque-rubenesque.

  6. svar

    huh. I’d consider furries and copros to be pervert-perverts just like homos or trannies

  7. @svar: furries and copros are clearly perverts, and not merely pervert-perverts. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about your every day pervert-pervert.

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