Whiskey is up to no good

In case anyone’s still listening to Whiskey, note this bit of buffoonery:

Jews are about 2% of voters in the 2008 election according to Fox. Jewish “control” is laughable….

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4 responses to “Whiskey is up to no good

  1. Keoni Galt

    The idea that “voting bloc” equals “control” is laughable.

  2. Phil

    Whiskey wrote that he is not Jewish. Either he is a non-Jew who writing reads just like a Jew, or he is a Jew who lies about his identity. After reading his website, I would guess he is a Jew.

  3. Keoni Galt, it’s beyond laughable and well into disingenuous.

    Phil, what if he’s a double-false-flagger? He’s secretly a realist, pretending to be a Jew pretending to be a realist?

  4. randy


    uh oh! better not say that again! oh the hate, dear heavens the hate!

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