Analysis and expansion of the Vox Day socio-sexual hierarchy

The beta in Vox’s socio-sexual hierarchy is completely and totally different from the beta as understood by most of the rest of the reacto-sphere. No beta in the Vox system is actually a beta in the Roissy system (for lack of a better designator). Vox-betas would be called alphas by Roissy et al.

That this is so is largely Vox’s responsibility; I won’t argue with his categories (indeed I think he’s on to something deeper than he has presently analyzed), but he did co-opt the term “beta” for his own uses.

Most men do not understand Vox’s hierarchy, as indicated by the number of Gammas who want to be Sigmas. Women are even less likely to comprehend, not having lived and played in that sphere. I propose, however, that Vox’s system can be generated from a small set of axes; of opposing traits that can be understood independently:

* masculine vs. emasculated
* self-oriented/narcissistic vs. other-oriented
* socially-embedded vs. socially-detached

I’ll hint you three permutations:

* Masculine, self-oriented, socially-embedded: Vox Alpha
* Emasculated, other-oriented, socially-embedded: Vox Delta
* Emasculated, self-oriented, socially-detached: Vox Omega


* given these axes, how do you make a Vox Beta?
* what would you term an Emasculated, other-oriented, socially-detached man?
* Masculine, other-oriented, socially-detached?

Meta-question: can you help me better define or better name these axes?

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16 responses to “Analysis and expansion of the Vox Day socio-sexual hierarchy

  1. Country lawyer

    This is the problem with Vox’s system.

    It isn’t necessary: You have three factors to consider: Attractive, neutral, repulsive.

    That’s all that matters to women.

    What Vox has done is mixed the female factors above, with the MALE factors for determining where men stand in the social heirarchy and thus come up with a huge mix of terms.

    This is the key thing about his heirarchy people need to understand. he’s a very smart guy and like most smart guys he can make things very complex, but it is wholly unnecessary. Why it appeals to men is that men like lots of boxes and it resonates with THEIR sense of heirarchy because they are understandably frustrated with the way a woman’s heirarcy is so loin based.

    What are Alpha, Beta and Sigma that Vox created? They’re all attractive to women. Thus Alpha. What seperates them in Vox’s mind? Alpha are the huge powerful men (note that Gates is hugely powerful but not a game alpha, he’s a lesser beta in behavior). The Betas are the Brad Pitts (Popular but don’t rule the world) and the Sigmas are, well, him because he’s so special.

    The lambdas (the gays) are just neutral to women, the deltas and the gamas are neutral or neutral with unattractive traits. The Omegas, are omegas.

    I know every likes the idea that they’re a Sigma (which tells you something right there) but it is wholly unimportant.

    All that matters in the mating game is: Attractive, Neutral, Unattractive. Focus on the first, minimize the third.

  2. Ulysses

    I have to second Country Lawyer. I actually think the best advice was given on SNL in the skit with Tom Brady about sexual harassment. “How to not harass: Be attractive. Don’t be unattractive.”

  3. Beta as Vox is using it is close to the way people who study animals use it. The beta of a pack isn’t some loser who never gets the women, he’s in fact generally the 2nd ranking male, who gets considerably more access to women than does the average pack member. In addition, he usually enjoys a lower level of stress hormones than the alpha as well.

  4. jack

    Masculine, other oriented, socially embedded would be close.

  5. jack

    Masculine, self-oriented, socially detached would I think be a sigma.

    What would emasculated, other oriented, socially detached be? Or would that be a null set?

  6. Jack,
    Pretty sure that emasculated, other oriented, and socially detached is nearly a null set—a particurly warped and damaged gamma perhaps. Thursday if I recall had a taxonomy for women based on Agreeableness and Neuroticism axes. Bad girls were Low A, high N. Girly girls were high A, high N, and nerd girls were High A, low N. There was a missing 4th—low A, low N, which was agreed was terribly terribly uncommon in nature.

  7. jack: emasculated, other-oriented, socially detached has no name in the Vox system. I don’t think it’s a null set; I like to think that G. W. Leibniz belongs, so I call it the Zeta male.

    Jehu: to my thinking, the Gamma is emasculated, self-oriented, socially-embedded. Gammas reject social standards, not because they don’t understand them, but because they resent them.

    The beautiful thing about these axes is what you can get by flipping one trait. From Gamma to Alpha is a single translation:

    * Emasculated, self-oriented, socially-embedded
    * Masculine, self-oriented, socially-embedded

    Vox’s Sigma category seems to me to represent masculine, socially-detached males, whether they are self- or other-oriented. I propose that the self-oriented, masculine, socially-detached males are actually the asshole-alphas so often described.

    Shall we call them Thetas, or is that too graphic?

  8. “Bring the movies” guy would be Theta.

  9. Just saw jack’s first comment: “Masculine, other oriented, socially embedded would be close [to the Vox Beta]“.

    Exactly what I was thinking. Note this could be seen as the apex position: the good side of all three axes, which also fits with Vox’s observation that betas have it best.

  10. This is why VD’s system sucks. There is an alpha-beta-omega male hierarchy for sexual attractiveness and an alpha-beta-omega male hierarchy for social status. That’s it. No need for all that overcomplicated nonsense.

  11. Yeah, I’m not too fond of VD’s system either. Too complicated when talking about a rather simple phenomenon(what makes women tingle).

    I remember that the men over at Seasons and Tumult and Discord, referring to Vox’s taxonomy, said that sometimes smart men have a tendency to overcomplicate things. I agree.

  12. Country Lawyer: “It isn’t necessary: You have three factors to consider: Attractive, neutral, repulsive.”

    Ulysses: “How to not harass: Be attractive. Don’t be unattractive.”

    Svar: “Too complicated when talking about a rather simple phenomenon(what makes women tingle)”

    Y’all got tunnel vision. The Vox system answers a question you haven’t asked. I am personally interested in that question, not just what is attractive to women.

    Attractiveness-to-women is merely one axis in Vox’s system, which is why he uses ALPHA/BETA as distinguished from Alpha, Beta, Delta, etc.

  13. “sometimes smart men have a tendency to overcomplicate things”

    Well how about this, then:

    The ALPHA/BETA axis, a.k.a. masculine/emasculated, a.k.a. attractiveness-to-women, can be further broken down into three further factors: the intrinsic, the extrinsic, and the idiosyncratic.

    The third factor, idiosyncratic, concerns an individual woman’s particular taste in men. It does not work in isolation, rather acting as an intensifier of attraction for which the ground work is already laid. E.g. blond hair, muscle-men.

    The extrinsic factor refers to attraction generated by circumstance external to the man’s character and appearance. E.g. fame, wealth, “social proof”.

    The intrinsic factor concerns the masculine virtues of the man himself. E.g. “inner game”, confidence, self-sufficiency, violent tendencies.

  14. Intrinsic, extrinsic, idiosyncratic…. I never thought of it that way. Props.

  15. You boys need a hobby..

  16. Masturbating is a hobby, right?

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