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Heinlein Boner Alert

It is not now disputed that each of the children was neglected and that the circumstances in which they were living at the time of their removal were deficient, justifying their removal. What remains in issue are allegations of sexual abuse, incest and inter-generational sexual abuse in the wider Colt family group, both on the farm and historically.

Central to the Director-General’s case is uncontradicted genetic evidence that demonstrates that 11 of the 12 children have parents who are either closely related to each other or who are related to each other; disclosures made by some of the children since removal of sexual abuse; and other inappropriate sexualised conduct involving some of the children.

The full report is long, dispassionate, and ugly. Paragraph 151 provides a partial explanation.

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What triggers WordPress mod filters

I just left a comment at Chateau Heartiste that got sent to moderation. It consisted only of this text:

It’s much more than 70 years. The Damascus affair was censored in the Encyclopedia Britannica in the 1840s.

CH does not have me flagged for moderation, I would assume, because subsequent comments were published immediately. That is an awfully cunning spam filter.


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White Knights Needed to Help a Sweet Girl

Hey there reddit. So I guess I’ll tell a little of how I got in this mess:

My parents kicked me out when I was quite young and I moved from couch to couch. I got a bunch of health problems that resulted in me getting fired from my last job. Now I’m too sick to work, don’t have health insurance and can’t get any government assistance as I’m a LEGAL immigrant. I ran out of places to go and got my own place with a friend, but I’ve been struggling. I have about $800 in hospital and doctors bills at the moment. Usually, I pay most of my bills by being a cam model (please don’t judge).

Right now I have $20 in my bank, have run out of toilet paper and am almost out of food. Rent is due in a week and I’m still $50 behind on the last bill. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

(Will produce a copy of my medical bills as proof to anyone that asks)


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Steve Ermis, Sergeant Minnicks

Spread their names.

At about the 5 mile mark of our hike, a voice behind us asked us to stop and the officer motioned for us to approach him. He got out of his car and met us a few feet later. He asked us what we were doing and I explained that we were hiking for my son’s merit badge. He then asked me what I’m doing with the rifle, to which I responded in a calm manner, “Does it matter, officer? Am I breaking the law?”

At that point, the officer grabbed my rifle without warning or indication. He didn’t ask for my rifle and he didn’t suggest he would take it from me. He simply grabbed it. This startled me and I instantly pulled back – the rifle was attached to me – and I asked what he thought he was doing because he’s not taking my rifle. He then pulled his service pistol on me and told me to take my hands off the weapon and move to his car, which I complied with. He then slammed me into the hood of his car and I remembered I had a camera on me (one of the requirements of the hiking merit badge is to document your hikes). This video is the rest of that encounter. Up to this point, I am not told why I am being stopped, why he tried to disarm me, or even that I’m under arrest.

We did not set out that Saturday morning to “make a point” or cause problems. Our goal was to complete a 10-mile hike and return home without incident. My son chose a route that away from populated areas but near our home.

The arresting officer is Officer Steve Ermis and the supervisor is Sergeant Minnicks of the Temple Police Department.


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Women oppose patriarchy because it prevents rape

Men’s sexuality, absent civilizational constraint, is naturally aggressive and promiscuous. These men laughing at a woman’s “taco”, grabbing ass, and doing pelvic-thrusts, are acting out their natural sexuality.

At one point in our society, this would have been unacceptable behaviour. Under the old order, lovingly referred to as the patriarchy, but probably more accurately referred to as civilization, civility towards woman was standard; it was called chivalry.

Men raised under this order would have been loath to issue even a mild oath in the presence of a woman, let alone crassly harass a woman over her “tacos”. Had a man been uncivilized enough to harass a woman in such a way, he would have suffered immediate consequences in the form of violence from other honourable men, and more permanent consequences from a loss of social status.

The particular form of pornography marketed to women celebrates rape, or even better, rape transfigured into unrape because the heroine secretly longed for the anti-hero. In contrast, patriarchy is boring and predictable. There are potatoes and diapers and funerals. What honest woman wants to deal with that?


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Destroying the two-party system

A snip from a comment on a Vox Popoli post about How to Save the United States (in case you felt like doing that):

James Dixon: 10/13/11 7:57 AM:
End the power of the two party system (I have no idea how to go about doing that though)

One remotely plausible approach: forbid the printing of party affiliation on ballots. Straight-ticket voting becomes onerous, requiring a cheat sheet or a good memory. This has little effect on high-profile positions, but great potential for breaking the parties’ grip on local offices.

Further down the same path: Reduce or eliminate the requirements for a candidate to get his name on the ballot. At the extreme end, forbid the printing of names on ballots entirely. Ballots must contain only the titles of the elected positions; all votes are write-ins. De facto literacy test.

This presumes that we don’t scrap voting as a farce in the first place.

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The impetus to open source software

Take, for example, the shareholder model of corporate ownership. Despite their theoretical status as “owners” of the corporation, shareholders have little genuine control over management. In fact, management’s responsibility to shareholders is a legitimizing myth comparable to the claim of the State industrial bureaucracy in the old Soviet Union to represent “the people” or “the workers.” The management of most large corporations is actually a self-perpetuating oligarchy in control of a mass of unowned capital. But their claimed status as representatives of the shareholders, as little basis as it has in fact, serves a useful purpose in insulating management from internal political challenges–especially from internal stakeholders.

As organization theorist Luigi Zingales has pointed out, the main source of corporate book value is shifting increasingly from physical capital to human capital. That means that an increasing share of profit and equity results from the contributions of the workforce–specifically, their tacit, job-specific knowledge and skills. Whether workers are willing fully to invest these skills and knowledge in the firm depends, to a large extent, on whether the governance system recognizes their stakeholder status and rewards them for their contribution to the bottom line. Without contractually defined stakeholder claims to the revenue stream that reflect their contribution to value, workers know it’s quite likely that in a mixed economy with State impediments to free competition, management will expropriate whatever productivity gains result from their special situational knowledge and skills via management bonuses, downsizing, or both. Consequently they are likely to keep to themselves any knowledge that might increase efficiency.

Emphasis mine.

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Immigrant Song

On we sweep with threshing oar. Rub that shit, it’s yours, bitch.


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Caesar spake

But the Union, in any event, will not be dissolved. We don’t want to dissolve it, and if you attempt it we won’t let you. With the purse and sword, the army and navy and treasury, in our hands and at our command, you could not do it. This government would be very weak indeed if a majority with a disciplined army and navy and a well-filled treasury could not preserve itself when attacked by an unarmed, undisciplined, unorganized minority. All this talk about the dissolution of the Union is humbug, nothing but folly. We do not want to dissolve the Union; you shall not.

And Caesar received his just reward, but not before the destruction of the republic. Thanks to Vox Day for the analogy.


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“just because something is a conspiracy…”

“does not mean that it isn’t lozlzlzlzlzlzlzlzl”

I am becoming quite the fanboy. GBFM’s comments on this post at In Mala Fide made me LOL more than twice.

hey i was thinking that pimps are more honests than minsiters in churches because a minister will marry you to the kind of whore where you have tgo go on paying for past use of her pussy which other men are now banging and you are funding lzozlzozlzlzl whereas no pimp would ever do that the w ould not come back and make you pay for a pussy that is banging other men so let me know when churches get pimps as monisters and i swear 2 jesus i wills startt going to churchez lzozlzlzlzlz

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Neocon Butthex: symbology and terminology in the works of Great Books for Men

Ben Bernanke : a symbol for central banks. Particularly, the rotating cabal of figureheads for the central banks.

Tucker Max : a symbol for the kind of asshole alpha women lust for, lose their innocence to, and in GBFM’s piquant phrasing, invite in for a good asscocking.

Charlotte Allen : a symbol for ostensibly good, virtuous, conservative women, especially the older ones who should know better.

Jonah Goldberg : neocon hypocrisy and crypto-feminism

“Women tame men” : the rope neocons sell men

neocon : “conservatism after being taken over by the fiat masters.” In Moldbuggian terminology, the portion of the Outer Party that has been fully and willingly co-opted by the Quakers.

butthex : sodomy, as pronounced by Barney Fag. Also, a “metaphor for what the fed does to a currency and a country.”

butthex matrix : the Western system of debt-slavery. Government of the people, for the bankers, and by the eliteclasses. Implemented by universal butthex, otherwise known as fiat money.

asscocking : butthex

tucker max is six feet tall : this peculiarly gnomic mantra, even for GBFM, illustrates the tendency of the Cathedral to glorify those who perpetrate butthex.

fiat money, fiat cash : Pieces of paper, or worse, magnetic disparities on heavily guarded platters that are asserted to have value by despotic governments.

Secretive tapings of butthex without the girls’ consent : a symbol for the exploitation of the corrupt populace by the elite. The graphic image is that of exculpation for any acts an alpha chooses to perform as he engages in butthex.

fiat masters : those who exert power by means of their control of the “money” supply.

fiat lies : propaganda, goodthink. Polite discourse.

fiat : generally applied as a modifier where only one opinion is allowed in the naked public square.

desouling of women : Arguably, GBFM uses this phrase in its literal sense.

bernankified : e.g. “bernankified chick”. Refers to the habits of self-degradation enabled by the existence of fapparently free money. The grasshopper, had the ants not demurred at supporting him over the winter.

bernankenomics : “transferring all the risk to the worker, inventor, creator, honest man, soldier; butthexing the common people who do all the physical work and labor; and inflating and deflating bubbles purposely to win friends in congress.”

weekly standard : respectable mainstream neo-conservatism engaged in the legitimization of depravity.

unbuttplugged : going off grid

vampire : usually a more or less oblique reference to Twilight’s Edward Cullen, and to the depravity in the hearts of women that allows them to lust over dangerous, yet effeminate men.

fat, cherubic faces : a physical trait of neocons who volunteer our armed forces for tough jobs, esp. Jonah Goldberg

lzozl (and variations) : Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Notable Primary Sources:

* keynsian economics is to freedom what secrteiv tapings of butthex outside of wedlock is to holy matrimony

* tucker max rhyems with goldman sachs as both are into assfucking and secretive tapings of butthex which is why the weekly standard neocons never criticize their bro0thas at goldman sax and laud and repeat the pr lies of butthexing tucker max.

* Neo: What is the Fiat Feminist Fanboy tucker max-goldman sacks neocon Matrix?
Trinity: The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you like tucker max’s matrix-funded cock seeking out an anus, and it will find you if you want it to.

* one of teh reasons that charlotee allen lauds and repeats the pr lies of fiat funded and publoished tucker max who created more debt than welath with his films and films secretive tapings of butthex without the girl’s conthen is that he is anti christyian, which is why miraim grossman neocon tells young gilrs that gina tingling after undead vampire monsters is a good pursuit anmd good clean gina tingling fun

* college after being taken oevr by the fiat masters:

* butthex and welath transfer training for womenz how to transfer wealth form men to tehir dried up ginas lzozlzlzzl

* divorce and abortion are huge neocon profit centers, which also serve to dehumanize humanity, kill the family, grow the STATE, and make them all suck on the fiat teat

* yummy yummy vampire sperm in my tummy

* chances are she has had a foursome with a werewolf, vampire, anbd secretive taper of butthex and someonone from goldman sax all at the same time many times before she ever let you tocuh her boobie and buy her an engagement ring but really she is just a sting operation for ben bernanke and will pawn your ring on craigslsist and transensfer all teh alimonies to benrnke’s team of neocon goldman saxer t8ucker maxers

* the federal resevre’s takeover of women as intruments of welath transfer has ruined them for men.


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desouled via copious fiat-funded butthex

from butthexers celerbated in teh pages of the weekly standard.

This is the best GBFM I’ve read yet:

Morpheus: We don’t know who butthexed first, us or them. But we do know it was them that videotaped it without our consent while scorching the sky wioth a long trail of butthex lies. At the time, they were dependent on butthex power. It was believed they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the common man’s collective anushole. lozzllzlzlzzl

Trinity: A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the butthexMatrix. It happens when they change something. Now that I am an aging women in the butthex matrix with her eggs and gina drying up having given the best years of her anus to drunk alphas during colleg and getting her mba and blowing upper level mangement lzozllz, the butthexmatrix is now delivering my cats. Two this morning and now two more. yaya! lozlzl


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