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Intentional mistranslation of Genesis

Genesis 5:1 onward

From the ESV, interpolated with Strong’s numbers from my interlinear Hebrew.

When God[430] created man[120], he made him in the likeness[1823] of God[430]. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man[120] when they were created. When Adam[120] had lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own likeness[1823], after his image, and named him Seth.

A less deceptive translation might read:

In the day that God created Adam, he made him in the likeness of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Adam in the day they were created….

Note the strange (yet parallel) emphasis on Adam fathering a son “in his own likeness, after his image”. Elohim creates Adam in his own likeness. Adam fathers Seth in his own likeness. Is there any way to avoid the plain reading of physical resemblance here?

The emphasis on likeness becomes more suggestive when linked with Genesis 4:1.

Now Adam[120] knew Eve his wife[802], and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man[376] {with the help} of the LORD[3068].

So Eve got a 376 instead of a 120. N.B. “with the help” does not exist in the Hebrew.

One more fun bit of linkage:

Genesis 4:6

If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire[8669] is for you, but you must rule[***] over it.

Genesis 3:16:

Your desire[8669] shall be for your husband[376], and he shall rule[***] over you.

Where I have marked ***, the words are the same in Hebrew, but my interlinear lacks a Strong’s reference.

This is hugely important for the interpretation of Eve’s curse. She shall “desire” her man the way sin “desires” Cain. The man shall rule over Eve the way Cain is exhorted to rule over sin.


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White Knights Needed to Help a Sweet Girl

Hey there reddit. So I guess I’ll tell a little of how I got in this mess:

My parents kicked me out when I was quite young and I moved from couch to couch. I got a bunch of health problems that resulted in me getting fired from my last job. Now I’m too sick to work, don’t have health insurance and can’t get any government assistance as I’m a LEGAL immigrant. I ran out of places to go and got my own place with a friend, but I’ve been struggling. I have about $800 in hospital and doctors bills at the moment. Usually, I pay most of my bills by being a cam model (please don’t judge).

Right now I have $20 in my bank, have run out of toilet paper and am almost out of food. Rent is due in a week and I’m still $50 behind on the last bill. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

(Will produce a copy of my medical bills as proof to anyone that asks)


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The lifecycle of Adria Richards

This one’s for the nerds.



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The Female Life Cycle



March 15, 2013 · 9:37 pm

Decriminalizing rape is the best way to prevent rape

Think of it as privatizing the police. You get 24/7 protection from the only people who actually care if you get raped.


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Psychopaths, relatively

Females have a lesser capacity for empathy. This is because they are, relative to men, psychopaths. The Mask of Sanity is foundational reading, here.

Unlike true psychopaths, women do have significant emotions. But these emotions, again relative to men, are so weak and infrequently experienced that women are easily overwhelmed by anything out of the ordinary. They explode at trifles in the same manner as the psychopaths described in Mask. They are similarly surprised when their fabrications are not taken seriously.

Men suffer strong and abiding emotions throughout our lives, from the earliest ages. But we weather the storms; we learn how to sail through.

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Self-reported Lies of Lying Liars

Gucci Little Piggy cites a study on lying in which Science Proves that men lie more frequently than women. Examination of the study suggests the opposite of its putative results, if anything. It’s like the old logic puzzles where one of your interlocutors always lies and the other always tells the truth.

Say we have groups P and Q, and that we somehow know that members of group P lie significantly more often than the members of group Q. If you survey these groups on how often they tell lies, which do you expect to report accurately? Unless you expect the liars’ group to refrain from lying on surveys, you should assume that the liars will lie about how often they lie.

Such a survey may result in three general outcomes:

1) Group P claims more lies than Group Q
2) P == Q
3) P < Q

I think these assumptions are warranted:

A) Group P under-reports the amount of lying
B) P’s motive in doing so is to lay claim to socially acceptable behavior, not merely to mitigate a high lie-frequency

On those assumptions, Outcome 1 would require Group P to have an upwardly-skewed perception of how much lying is considered acceptable. Now, liars may believe that others lie as much as themselves, but I think they are quite aware of the extent to which lying is socially tolerated. Call that assumption C. Thus if A, B, and C hold, Outcome 1 is not plausible.

Outcomes 2 and 3 are plausible by these assumptions. With a further assumption, Outcome 3 becomes the most likely:

D) Liars who lie about their lying will claim greater honesty than necessary

The short version is that liars may be expected to claim to be more honest than the honest will claim for themselves.

Now, if groups P and Q lie with the same frequency, you might see a difference in their self-reported frequency based on differing calibrations of social acceptability. Another variable here could be a difference in the proclivity of each group to lie when anonymous, which I suppose to be related to the extent to which the members of the group lie to convince themselves.

Therefore, if a survey shows that Group Q lies significantly more often than Group P, these are plausible causes:

* P & Q have similar frequencies, but P has a lower assessment of what is socially acceptable
* P & Q have similar frequencies, but Q is more willing to accurately self-report in anonymous situations
* P actually lies more frequently than Q, and P lies about lying

I reject as a plausible cause the linear explanation: that Q lies more than P. We are discussing relative rates of lying about lying, after all.

The aforementioned Science Proves It! survey, however, reports that men lie 3 times a day, and women only 2. Statistical significance be damned; a difference of two or three lies per day is trivial and uninteresting. We are, thank Odysseus, free to continue with the prejudice that women lie more than men.

I have refrained from introducing some further factors until now because they pertain to the sanity of the individuals.

1) the person is not aware of consciously and intentionally lying, while still perpetrating falsehoods.
2) the person consciously and intentionally lies, but has an extremely poor model of social norms.
3) the person consciously and intentionally lies, understands and can imitate social normality, and simply does not care. This is psychopathy as depicted in The Mask of Sanity.

In my experience, (1) is the base experience of most females. Even fairly well-tamed women do this. The subconscious has some sort of interrupt routine whereby it can pause the consciousness, emit an egregious falsehood, and yield control back to the consciousness, which does not recognize that anything out of the ordinary has occurred.

(2) is characterized more by the extreme poverty of the social model than by the willingness to lie. In Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy, (2) is the experience of the Sigma or Omega when practicing to deceive.

(3) is outright freakishly weird. You should read the case studies in The Mask of Sanity. The author’s tentative attempt at explaining the behavior of the subjects is interesting, but not necessary, and I recommend skipping over any of his attempts to elucidate until after you’ve read all the case studies.


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Rubber Gloves and the Sexual Purity Double Standard

When you get the outside of your rubber gloves dirty, you wash them off. What do you do when you get the insides dirty?

Inspired by this.


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anoukange, shamer

It has long puzzled me to see the occasional anoukange post linked to from blogs I respect. At a guess, many in the man-o-sphere view her as a sympathetic fellow-traveler, in the same company as LILGIRL, bhetti, sofia, et al. After the Roosh meltdown, I find this inexplicable. Perhaps this is because her best lunacies come out at the ends of comment threads, after interactions with others. Case in point:

Is everything motivated by attention for you all? hmmmm…not for me. I find analyzing certain things fascinating and would devote just as much time if the topic were of someone else. I’ve received enough attention in my life, thanks. Just chatting here. It really does reflect on your bitter hearts as to how you comment…I’m sorry you get laid so infrequently that many of you are in endlessly foul moods. ho, hum…as such is life. Notice I have not spent any of my time dissing anyone (unless under attack)…I just don’t carry hate in my heart they way some of you do. Sorry life is so lousy for some of you.

Note how the shaming tactic sloshes out as one more clot in the swill of her defensiveness. If the woman wasn’t so obviously sick in the head, this would be a worse offense, painting her as a saboteur, a sleeper. Even granting her derangedness, it shows that she deserves no place at the table.

I added her email to the blacklist for commenting on this blog, and I will not approve any comment that I suspect to be from her.


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The Silent Glare

My friend Hump writes about the modern female as Medusa:

I’m watching the Olympics with the folks. They’re commenting on a female skiier who lost a gold medal last olympics showing off during a race.

I forgot her name already but thankfully googling “olympics female show off lose gold” was enough to find her story.

Lindsey Jacobellis was winning a race and lost because she chose to show off with a fancy move during a race where only speed, not tricks, counts.

My mother said “In an interview she said she didn’t regret losing the Gold Medal at the Olympics as a result of showboating. She’s proud of what she did and the results she got and she wouldn’t do it differently if she had it to do again.”

I replied “It’s possible that’s not what she really believes and she’s just saying that for television.”

Mom: “What?”

Me: “It’s possible she’s not telling the truth about what she really thinks.”

Mom doesn’t say another word and instead glares at me in silence. I’ve seen this several times since my eyes were opened and there’s always been a correlation between this silent glare and something I’ve said which was percieved as negative about women or a time when I wasn’t negative enough about a man.

I remember on every occasion my family is complaining about my brother in law when my mom and sister look at me for my input I don’t respond. I get the silent glare from both of them.

I remember when my mom began complaining about my brother in law in private. I replied by reminding her my sister has the same character flaw. I got the silent glare.

The silent glare means you’re doing something right. Enjoy it as an accolade.


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Two! Two Haters!

This one’s funnier than the other one. And she says “fuck”.

How fucking dare you. OP and anyone who found delight in the misery – not only of someone who was so distraught and lost that they chose to take their own life – but of those who still struggle to understand, accept and move forward.

Rachel was my friend, and if you were standing in front of me right now, I would likely physically fucking hurt you. How would YOU feel if someone took the time to write something as pathetic and insensitive as this slop (which you likely consider talent) about someone you cared for?

You piece of shit; YOU are the cliche. And you’re lucky you have the Internet to hide behind.

I respond in the comments. Phillipa is almost certainly a drive-by, but wouldn’t it be great if she engaged?


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A word I just made up.

Another Vox Day thread turned into a discussion of rape. Here I attempt to explain why date rape does not exist

Rape is forced sexual intercourse on a woman, effected by means of violence or threat of violence. If this happens during a date, it is rape. If it happens during an evening jog, it is rape. If it happens en masse during her weekly Bunco game, it is rape. We don’t stick on modifiers for these other situations (although En Masse Bunco Rape has a certain je ne sais quoi). Why bother calling an event Date Rape?

The answer is that the matriarxists are trying to steal a march. The term “date rape” is primarily used in reference to events that do not fall under the “violence or threat of violence” definition of rape. Among other things, an accusation of date rape serves as a kind of morning-after pill. Slut’s remorse.

Vox does it better, and without the snarky.

It is a manufactured term that a young woman may use in order to claim having been raped by a man with whom she is acquainted, and usually, someone with whom she consented to be alone. In the overwhelming majority of “date rape” cases it is extraordinarily difficult to prove that date rape is actual rape by any conventional criminal standard since there is seldom any evidence for it.

More casually, date rape is when the woman has post-coital regrets for her actions

In a sane society, consent to be alone with a man would be considered consent to intercourse.

Howsoever all that may be, this post is about the word “matriarxist”. Good? Bad? Cheesy?


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