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Intrinsic, extrinsic, idiosyncratic

I found an old self-comment that deserves promotion:

The ALPHA/BETA axis [Vox Day's capitalization], a.k.a. masculine/emasculated, a.k.a. attractiveness-to-women, can be broken down into three further factors: the intrinsic, the extrinsic, and the idiosyncratic.

The third factor, idiosyncratic, concerns an individual woman’s particular taste in men. It does not work in isolation, rather acting as an intensifier of attraction for which the ground work is already laid. E.g. blond hair, muscle-men.

The extrinsic factor refers to attraction generated by circumstance external to the man’s character and appearance. E.g. fame, wealth, “social proof”.

The intrinsic factor concerns the masculine virtues of the man himself. E.g. “inner game”, confidence, self-sufficiency, violent tendencies.

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Fear and Self Sabotage

I made it through the first day of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation basic course, but only by the skin of my teeth, by manning up, and by acknowledging but not being influenced by the little deaths that bring total obliteration. The fear was not very bad, a collection of small whinging fears, really. But the little fears diverted me into a place I have not been for a long time, a mindset of failure and pre-emptive quitting. A self-sabotaging persona was definitely in play, and he/I almost convinced myself to bail on the riding part of the first day at the point they make you shift into 2nd, then immediately back into first gear.

There were excuses, my friends, and very good ones. I was the tallest student by at least 3 inches, and we were riding dinky little Suzuki 250cc bikes. My right foot wouldn’t fit on the peg normally without pressing the rear brake, and I had to cock the left leg out at an extreme angle to maneuver my boot around the shifter. I told one of the instructors that I had trouble managing the small footroom on the left, and he said, “Got big feet, eh? So do I,” and waved me on.

So I went on. I was by far the slowest student in the set for the first few exercises. Bike stalls. Pressing the starter button instead of the engine turnoff. Jerky throttle, weaving and wobbling. Finding neutral from first is a bitch.

There has never, in my entire life, been a time when I was the absolute worst at something I tried. Even in middle school tennis there were a guy or two below me, and I once beat the number 2 guy with a series of ridiculous aces and winners.

All I have chosen to do are activities where I excel. Sucking sucks.

Fear sucks. Self sabotage must not be allowed to exist. Do or do not. I managed the gear shifting exercises, and we moved on to the faster, funner, curvier ones. And there, my friends, I blossomed like a twenty-something divorcée finally relieved of the burden of catering to her abusive beer-swilling husband’s every whim.

I like cornering. Pushing the handlebars in the direction you want to turn and accelerating as you lean into the turn sounds wrong, but it feels so good. The instructors put me in the slow group, obviously, and boy were we slow. Speed up (in 2nd), then brake until you are about to enter the turn. Look all the way to the end of the curve; I’m serious, turn your head 90 degrees; push your bike and roll the throttle so smoothly as you careen controlled in the arc that when you roll throttle deeper you swing around and up vertical looking at the next decision you need to make, and you brake to the speed you can enter the next turn looking hard where you want to be. And the guy in front of you never accelerates on the straightaway, so you dawdle where you can, to make time and space for a rushing throttle roll and a time-narrowing brake to just the speed where this time you push a little too hard on the handlebars to see how it works.

Where I am going, I turn my head to see my path, and the fear is nothing, and I remain.

Thinking, “Faster, man, go faster!”


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Stop thinking and listen

“Stop thinking and listen” has become a valuable tool in managing my wife. I use it to derail the common Female Misapprehension Cascade. Deploy this phrase as soon as it becomes apparent that a woman is mentally permuting what you are actually saying according to some undeterminable idea she had which she substituted for the first thing you said.

If you’re petty or agitated, this doesn’t work very well; you come off poorly. I usually interrupt her with some non-verbal noise, make intense eye contact, and say in a calm, strong voice, “Stop thinking … and listen.” I nailed this delivery by accident and intuition the first time.

I have found this to be an extremely effective tactic, both when my wife is capable of reasoning and when she is not. In the former case, it allows her to consciously regroup and assess the situation. Otherwise, it serves as a submission pivot.


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The Greater Western Beta Co-Prosperity Sphere

Here’s a piece of confidence-judo for men who think too much and sense too little.

Imagine a sphere of influence surrounding your body, extending out at least six feet. This sphere is Your Space. It is suffused with your benevolent masculinity. Anyone physically entering into it is affected, and for the better. It is a co-prosperity sphere.

Co-prosperity spheres are not mutually incompatible. In the presence of another man with a co-prosperity sphere, yours need not shrink. Where two spheres coincide, the prosperity effect increases.


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The invitation to emasculation

Hawaiian Libertarian responded to the Superbowl commercial that relegates men to the garage. The one with the sad litany of masculine submission. Dave writes his own litany showing what “this commercial would be like if it were based on a Man who understands what HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD means”:

You need to start getting up and walking the dog at 6:30am…you’re starting to look a little hefty…you wouldn’t want to turn into one of those people of walmart cows?!

You will add some fruit to my breakfast that you are cooking…but DON’T overcook the eggs.

I will shave…I will clean the sink after I shave as well as that clump of your hair out of the bathroom drain…because as the MAN, I realize that the nasty, dirty jobs are MY job around here…and while I do all the things you simply cannot bear to do, like haul the garbage, kill the rodents and insects and yes, clean hair clogs out of drains, you should be cooking me some food or washing the dishes and not complaining about how you “Do Everything Around Here!” Because you don’t.

You can read the rest at his post. The HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD riff is a great idea, but between it and the execution falls the shadow. The shadow of a defensive, bitter beta. I can say that because his responses sound more like me (as I used to be), and less like Dave in Hawaii.

I once was a defensive, bitter beta, but I got better. I rewrote his litany in the style of HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD I’m trying to become. Originally posted in the comments to the article, my list is just amusing enough to repost here.

I will get up and walk the dog at 6:30am.

You should walk the dog in the morning. You don’t want to end up on People of Wal-Mart.

I will eat fruit as a part of my breakfast.

Don’t forget to give me fruit in the morning. I’ve been a little constipated. Remember how I like my eggs, too.

I will shave…I will clean the sink after I shave.

Hey, don’t worry about those shower-kitties you’ve been leaving. I’m collecting them so you can make a doll for the girl.

I will be at work by 8 am…I will sit through 2 hour meetings.

Woman, I’ve got one of those two-hour meetings today. You know what that means. Yes, the sheer thingy. NO, you will not be wearing panties. Are you new here?

I will say yes when you want me to say yes.

“Yes” is for women. Let’s practice: Take off your pants.

I will be quiet when you don’t want to hear me say no.

If you don’t want to hear me say “no”, take off your clothes, or make me a sandwich. Or both. Yeah, both.

I will take your call

Why are you calling me during the day? How do you know I’m not with my mistress? Bet you never thought about that. Is anybody hurt? No? You owe me some naked. Bye.

I will listen to your opinion of my friends.

I will repeat your opinion of my friends to them, and we will share a good laugh.

I will listen to your friends opinions of my friends.

I will flirt with your friends.

I will be civil to your mother.

I will ignore your mother and make friends with your father.

I will put the seat down

I will put the seat down until you’re not expecting it.

I will separate the recycling.

Recycling is immoral. Seriously, it’s economically inefficient. You care about the poor, don’t you?

I will carry your lip balm.

Lip balm. Does it tingle? Yeah, put that on.

I will watch your vampire TV shows with you.

I’m cancelling the cable. Buy me a Blue-ray of LOST already.

I will take my socks off before getting into bed.

Wench, your cooking made me gassy. You’re going to have to clean the sheets.

I will put my underwear in the basket.

I will put my underwear in the basket from across the room, in a perfect arc, pumping my fist and slapping your ass in triumph.

And because I do this, I will drive the car, I want to drive.

When we’re driving in my Malibu, it’s easy to get right next to you.

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Vox Hierarchy applied to Winnie the Pooh

Vox Day’s male social hierarchy


“natural self-confidence and strength of character”

Christopher Robin. He is on top of the world, not threatened by toys and woodland creatures, though if there were other boys in the stories, we would see him in competition.

Tigger is an Alpha of the carefree variety.


“the lieutenants, the petty aristocracy”

Rabbit from the books. Rabbit knows how to get things done. He takes very good care of his friends-and-relations. He understands the hierarchy and his place in it.


“the great majority of men”

Winnie the Pooh.

Owl, perhaps, though he has some Gamma tendencies.


“the obsequious ones, the posterior puckerers, the nice guys who attempt to score through white-knighting, faux-chivalry, flattery, and omnipresence”


“Gammas who find themselves in charge almost invariably behave like petty, micromanaging dictators; Gamma male behavior is very similar to normal female behavior in a lot of ways.”

Rabbit from the Disney abominations. When he thinks he’s in power, he’s a petty tyrant.


“the losers…. That which doesn’t kill them can make them stronger, but most never surmount the desperate need to belong caused by their social rejection. … [T]he pain of their constant rejection renders the suffering of others completely meaningless in their eyes.”

Eeyore from the books.


“the lone wolves”

Heffalumps. Possibly also Woozles.


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You Look Like an Angel

Rule 5

You look like an Angel,
Walk like an angel,
Talk like an angel,
But I got wise.
You’re the devil in disguise.
Oh, yes you are
The devil in disguise.
You fooled me with your kisses.
You cheated and you schemed.
Heaven knows how you lied to me.
You’re not the way you seemed.

I thought that I was in heaven,
But I was sure surprised.
Heaven help me, I didn’t see
The devil in your eyes.

I started using this as Katie’s ringtone a few weeks ago. Now all the kids love the song. Katie doesn’t find this as funny as I do.
Rule 5


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A Taxonomy of Game Opponents

Brilliant analysis by Thursday, commenting at In Mala Fide.

There seem to me three varieties of haters:
1. Pedastalizers – Don’t like their view of women as morally superior beings disturbed. Often religious and/or socially conservative.
2. Equalists – Don’t like that women are attracted to men who are dominant over them. Often liberal whether right liberal (libertarian or neoconservative) or left liberal.
3. Hyper-Moralists – Don’t like the fact that the main discoverers and theorists of game are almost all libertines and/or nihlists. They also don’t like that game contains techniques for getting women to have premarital/extramarital sex, and that it seems too consciously manipulative.

The original post and ensuing comments are well worth reading.


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Seduction is merely one application of Game

The seed of Game was application of existing theory* (evo-psych, NLP) in one particular area, seduction. Game was planted as an empirical study in the field of seduction. Game sprouted as men worked out the implications of their art**. They sought practical wisdom***, not merely craft**. The thoughtful among them began the unending chase for theoretical knowledge*; endless, yet endlessly rewarding.

Game blossomed into the study of What Women Want and How to Give it to Them. The fruit of this blossom is How to be a Man Among Women. The fruit is yet unripe; we have only hints of its flavor in fullness.

The seed was planted in anger,
The early vine homely and bent.
But the leaves soothe the wounds of the lonely,
And we sway with the flower’s sharp scent.

* ἐπιστήμη, episteme
** μῆτις, metis
*** φρόνησις, phronesis


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Rat > Mule > Cat > Dog > Horse

From William Faulkner’s The Reivers

[U]nlike a horse, a mule is far too intelligent to break its heart for glory running around the rim of a mile-long saucer. In fact, I rate mules second only to rats in intelligence, the mule followed in order by cats, dogs, and horses last—assuming of course that you accept my definition of intelligence: which is the ability to cope with environment: which means to accept environment yet still retain at least something of personal liberty.

The rat of course I rate first. He lives in your house without helping you to buy it or build it or repair it or keep the taxes paid; he eats what you eat without helping you raise it or buy it or even haul it into the house; you cannot get rid of him; were he not a cannibal, he would long since have inherited the earth. …

The mule I rate second. But second only because you can make him work for you. But that too only within his own rigid self-set regulations. He will not permit himself to eat too much. He will draw a wagon or a plow, but he will not run a race. He will not try to jump anything he does not indubitably know beforehand he can jump; he will not enter any place unless he knows of his own knowledge what is on the other side; he will work for you patiently for ten years for the chance to kick you once. In a word, free of the obligations of ancestry and the responsibilities of posterity, he has conquered not only life but death too and hence is immortal; were he to vanish from the earth today, the same chanceful biological combination which produced him yesterday would produce him a thousand years hence, unaltered, unchanged, incorrigible still within the limitations which he himself had proved and tested; still free, still coping.

Rat: PUA
Cat: Woman
Dog: Mangina
Horse: Regular, everyday, normal guy

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An argument for “social conservatives”

  • Mankind is fallen.
  • Men are not more wicked than women. We are both equally sinful.
  • Humans avoid widespread depravity by constraining behavior. Where society does not provide constraints, the human lets it all hang out.
  • Constraints may be social or legal.
  • In our society there are now no effective constraints on the behavior of women.
  • The constraints on men have been slowly increasing

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