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Perfect Injustice

A free paraphrase of Glaucon, in The Republic:

The extreme of injustice is to appear just when one is actually not. Thus our idea of a perfectly unjust woman must include this perfection of injustice: she must be allowed to do her worst and yet to cloak herself in the name of innocence. Whenever she stumbles, she always lands on her feet. Should any of her unjust deeds come to light, she can easily explain them away. She has force on her side, to any extent force is needed, because the rich and powerful will defend her.


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Whiskey is up to no good

In case anyone’s still listening to Whiskey, note this bit of buffoonery:

Jews are about 2% of voters in the 2008 election according to Fox. Jewish “control” is laughable….


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Eumaios was busy making a pair of sandals from an ox-hide, for his own use.

This is the blog of Eumaios.  I am a swineherd.  I ride with the king.

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