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Bad Translator poetry

Guess the originals.

Beautiful dark wood and water depth. My assessment of the Reserve Fund and 2 before bed

Charlene is a representative of 1 million suffer from slavery. A woman is only a woman, but I smoke cigars.

So they used no God, insults, they start to believe it. True, not all gold metal and went two and two makes four and writing.

But God has given her, and the woman, armed with a salon with the same engine and works by this generation, to answer simple questions

These are the words that appeared in the world, broke his silence on the accident. Headaches in it. This does not mean, I understand, but the girls?

I want to find something sweet. The baby won’t go out of my heart. I love you. Always blue, you gave me a reason why you said.

We are close to each other, are packed with helmet man-scarecrow, hollow. We vote when we quietly whispering of wind in dry grass or foot on the broken glass, cellar mouse as we are meaningless.

riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend
of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to
Howth Castle and Environs.

Nantucket, was for a long time could not breast feed. Told me that the jaw and once again, their ears screwed


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GBFM is sneaky. He lozlzzzls you into inattention, then sticks the tip in:

On this pretty Easter Sunday, I would like to point out that the Marxist Communist Bolsheviks destroyed religion in the Soviet Union by abolishing and banning it.

Because the Soviet Union failed and exiled all the Bolsheviks after millions were murdered in the name of communism, the Bolsheviks could not do the same thing again in their new countries. And so they invented feminism, neoconservatism, and postmodernism and used them as battering rams against the souls of the churches and universities. This way, they could abolish religion while not only leaving the church and university buildings standing, but they could actually use the churches to abolish and destroy the Spirit of Christianity, and teach its very opposite from the pulpits like Driscoll at al.

Jesus predicted all of this, as such is the way of the world in Matthew 23, just before the Scribes and Pharisees made sure he would be crucified–imagine speaking the following words to your feminist minister and the fate you would suffer–then you would better understand the Spirit of Easter

Well, the true meaning of Easter is the Resurrection of the True Ideals of Christianity.

And that belongs not to the institution–not to the church–but to the Man.

For Christ himself had no fancy building nor exalted altar, but only his words and honor.

Christ stated that he was not king of this world, but rather the King of the world of Ideals.

And that Kingdom has ever been the domain of Man. Man’s greatest asset, which he so often forgets these days, is not the knowledge of game to gain him asses lzzlozoz, but knowledge of the Great Books for Men–the unified symphony that begins with Homer and Moses and progresses to Socrates and Jesus–exalted by Dante et. al on down the line.

And Christ invites you to celebrate Easter as your Fathers did, not to man up and marry the sluts as your pastor prescribes, but to Man Up and read the King James Bible for yourself.

And the greater salvation for all the men coming of age is not to be found in gaming deosuled, berankified, debt-laden womenz, but it is to be found in honoring the classic, epic ideals.

The classic, epic, exalted ideals will not make a woman’s butt nor gina tingelzozlzozo, and thus, at the end of the day, following the classic, epic exalted ideals is not only the highest form of of life, but it is the highest form of fallen game too, for it simply does not answer, respond to, nor is dictated by butt and gina tinglelzozlzzlzozlzzlzozl. And there is no greater game than that–not even wearing furry hats, negging, and wasting your invaluable time on this earth in playing texty-texty games with those incapable of exalted ideals, just to serve your baser, biological callings which so often voluntarily imprison one to the state and its small-souled dictators.

As Jesus died for you, so too was He reborn for you. Do not call is “teahcings” noise as so many churchians do. Do not falsely suppose that he came to abolish the law of Moses, but understand that he came to Fulfill it. Understand that Jesus saw noble pagans as his brothers and false preachers as his enemy, when he stated “there are those who are saying they do not go, who go; and there are those who say they are not going, who end up going.” For Jesus, unlike the false preachers, judges us not by the sect of our faith alone, nor the color of our church, but by our *actions*.

So Man Up, pick up a couple translations of the Bible, of Homer, and Virgil, and read all Your Fathers and Brothers today, and exalt in a Renaissance of the Great Books for Men.

Then the “real” GBFM kicks back in.

dis has been a GBFM sunday sermon which i delivered herein as if i had stated thusly in a church i would have been flogged to death by the minister and his harem of buteteocockeked bernieifkfied womenz (and som of their bastard kidz too who are now getting old enough to listen to their slutty momz about how the reaosn the y have no fatherz is becaseu menz are bad bard bad bad zllzlzlzolzolozzlozozlzzzlzll)


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To defenestrate is to execute a man by casting him from a window. To exfenestrate is to ruin a man by constricting the window so that he is suddenly outside it.

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In praise of GB4M

Imagine a Kierkegaard, convinced of the ineffectiveness of direct communication, delivering thoughts which wound from behind in a sort of literary performance art inspired by Andy Kaufman and Sam Kinison.

Buy his products.

Recent inspiration:

so i was in a shurch the other daay
i was in church the other day
and the minister had very nice hair
and a big smile
and i noticed dat all the young ladies
were shifting around in their seat
as they had sore buttholez
so i leaned towards my friend
and i whispered,
“a lot of da womenz in my genenrtion have sore buttes fom being buttcocked so much.”
and the minisiter
he heard me oh no!
he stopped his sermon
and walkd towards me his face turning red
and he said
he pointed at me, and all da womenz his harmez said “yah yah yah! a sinnerz!””
and he pointed at me as i cowered
in fear of hs thurndering lord’s voice
and nice hair and pleasnant TV preacher’s smile
owned by da bernaneknetworkz


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Umlaut Song

Umlaut, macron, grave or acute,
I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.
Diaeresis, circumflex, breve,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

What do you use when two vowels are discrete?
Which diacritic changes vowel quality?
When can you circumflex the antepenult?
Can you make any sense of Blue Öyster Cult?

I don’t think ASCII can do that.

Umlaut, macron, diaeresis,
You had better be minding your glyphs,
You will live in happiness too,
Like the Finnish polymaths do,


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Analysis and expansion of the Vox Day socio-sexual hierarchy

The beta in Vox’s socio-sexual hierarchy is completely and totally different from the beta as understood by most of the rest of the reacto-sphere. No beta in the Vox system is actually a beta in the Roissy system (for lack of a better designator). Vox-betas would be called alphas by Roissy et al.

That this is so is largely Vox’s responsibility; I won’t argue with his categories (indeed I think he’s on to something deeper than he has presently analyzed), but he did co-opt the term “beta” for his own uses.

Most men do not understand Vox’s hierarchy, as indicated by the number of Gammas who want to be Sigmas. Women are even less likely to comprehend, not having lived and played in that sphere. I propose, however, that Vox’s system can be generated from a small set of axes; of opposing traits that can be understood independently:

* masculine vs. emasculated
* self-oriented/narcissistic vs. other-oriented
* socially-embedded vs. socially-detached

I’ll hint you three permutations:

* Masculine, self-oriented, socially-embedded: Vox Alpha
* Emasculated, other-oriented, socially-embedded: Vox Delta
* Emasculated, self-oriented, socially-detached: Vox Omega


* given these axes, how do you make a Vox Beta?
* what would you term an Emasculated, other-oriented, socially-detached man?
* Masculine, other-oriented, socially-detached?

Meta-question: can you help me better define or better name these axes?


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Whorish, despondent, and defiant

In the comments to my favorite personal work of cruelty, a woman asks:

Just out of curiosity, is there any way, in your cosmology, for a single woman to be acceptable at all, ever? Or is one simply doomed to being whorish, despondent, and defiant?

“Whorish, despondent, and defiant” is a great turn of phrase. Pity that the rest of the question is such a quintessentially feminine mess.

I’m very pleased with my response, and I hope you will be, too:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman who is a writer, must be whorish, despondent, and defiant.

That should make some pretty little heads asplode with incomprehension.

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Resuscitating dead words

Our enemies, the progressives and looters, have destroyed many words. But not in a dramatically sinister, Orwellian way; no, these feckless twats are transparent and screechy. Men of the Right have long amused themselves by pointing out how silly the Lefties are in their use of words like “racist”, “bigot”, “fascist”, etc.

The situation with “rape” is similar, but worse, but comical. In Mala Fide published a piece today about the 20 different varieties of rape. In this list, the author distinguishes actual violent forced sexual penetration from the other flavors by calling it “rape-rape”. I suppose this construct arises from the same instinct that has teenage girls asking each other whether they like-like a boy, or just like him.

Whatever the source, this is a useful tool for resuscitating the original meanings of words. Rape-rape we have already seen. I propose these others:

gay-gay: lively or merry

“You know, the coal miners didn’t feel so gay-gay during the Gay-gay Nineties.”

“I love your new sundress! It’s so light and gay-gay.”

fascist-fascist: authoritarian nationalist with socializing tendencies

“Reactionaries may be fascist, but inside every progressive is a little fascist-fascist waiting to emerge like Athena from the head of Zeus.”

slut-slut: a woman who fornicates. As opposed to “slut”, which is a woman who fornicates with an order of magnitude more men than a slut-slut.

“Summer’s not a slut! She’s only had sex with ten men, and none of it was anal. Sure she’s a slut-slut, but who isn’t these days? Ugly Christian prudes, I suppose.”

racist-racist: someone who believes that other races are inferior and should be violently subjugated, if not wiped out. As opposed to “racist”, which is someone who has noticed that Negroes smell different than whites.

curvy-curvy, voluptous-voluptuous, junoesque-junoesque, etc.: describes a healthy, non-obese woman with a pleasing curvy shape and a large rack

pervert-pervert: a homosexual, peeping tom, or secret transvestite; as opposed to “pervert”, which now refers to furries, coprophiliacs, and other denizens of deviantART and livejournal.

pearl-necklace-pearl-necklace: a string of pearls intended to be worn around the neck for decorative purposes.


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Stop thinking and listen

“Stop thinking and listen” has become a valuable tool in managing my wife. I use it to derail the common Female Misapprehension Cascade. Deploy this phrase as soon as it becomes apparent that a woman is mentally permuting what you are actually saying according to some undeterminable idea she had which she substituted for the first thing you said.

If you’re petty or agitated, this doesn’t work very well; you come off poorly. I usually interrupt her with some non-verbal noise, make intense eye contact, and say in a calm, strong voice, “Stop thinking … and listen.” I nailed this delivery by accident and intuition the first time.

I have found this to be an extremely effective tactic, both when my wife is capable of reasoning and when she is not. In the former case, it allows her to consciously regroup and assess the situation. Otherwise, it serves as a submission pivot.


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Digression Cascade

Yet another coined term. I made this one up in the comments to an Alkibiades post about women and their feelings.

Years before I figured out the manliness thing, I let my wife know that if she starts running on about something in a digression cascade, I will make her stop, think about what she wants to say, and summarize. She was very upset by this mandate initially, and I solemnly threw gasoline on the flames by telling her that she needs to take control of her narratives now, lest she start talking like her mother. Very amusing. Now all I have to do is interrupt with a firm, but gentle “Summarize,” and she stops, thinks, and makes it brief. Sometimes she even thanks me.

The inspiration was ESR’s post today on the concept of an error cascade.

In medical jargon, an “error cascade” is something very specific: a series of escalating errors iin diagnosis or treatment, each one amplifying the effect of the previous one. This is a well established term in the medical literature: this abstract is quite revealing about the context of use.

There’s a slightly different term, information cascade, which is used to describe the propagation of beliefs and attitudes through crowd psychology. Information cascades occur because humans are social animals and tend to follow the behavior of those around them. When the social incentives are right, humans will substitute the judgment of others for their own.

A useful, related concept is preference falsification, the act of misrepresenting one’s desires or beliefs under perceived social pressures. Preference falsification amplifies informational cascades — humans don’t just substitute the judgment of others for their own, they talk themselves into beliefs most around them don’t actually hold but have become socially convinced they should claim to hold!

I use the term “error cascade” in a meaning halfway between the restricted sense of the medical literature and “information cascade”, and I apply it specifically to a kind of bad science, especially bad science recruited in public-policy debates. A scientific error cascade happens when researchers substitute the reports or judgment of more senior and famous researchers for their own, and incorrectly conclude that their own work is erroneous or must be trimmed to fit a “consensus” view.


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